Session Info

Session Info:

Upon arrival I will be excited to see you and ready to take some pictures.   However, before I get carried away I will have you sign two contracts: a Photo Contract, and a Model Release form.  Payment is also due upon arrival: cash or check paid in full.

I am definitely flexible with the order of my shots but I usually try and get all “group-like” shots done first.  This would include family and/or sibling shots.  If there are particular groupings you desire please let me know ahead of time.

I will have certain “poses” in mind but am also most interested in capturing your family/children in their most natural state so will try and make the photo shoot relaxed and fun.  Sometimes I may take a child off to the side to get their attention and to allow them to play on their own.  However, if I do ask for your involvement please make sure you are right behind the camera so that the child will not be looking in a different direction.

What to wear.  Isn’t this always the big question?  The biggest piece of advice is to wear something you and/or your children are comfortable in.  Other suggestions include: avoid wearing a lot of white, solid colors or simple prints are best, no big logos, children are always cutest without shoes if the area is safe and warm enough, and wear your favorite outfit first.

Newborns are best captured between days 4-14 so please schedule the appointment early.  Newborns are best naked or with a diaper and diaper cover.  If you do have clothes on the baby please loosen any socks and diaper 30 minutes before session.  Please make sure baby is fed and changed right before the session.  If I do the photo shoot in the house please allow for the house to be warmer than normal and I will be bringing an additional space heater to help keep naked  baby warm and sleepy during photo shoot.  Make sure to have wipes and changing pads or blankets accessible in case of accidents.

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